「危机公关处理的流程」在2009年,随着Agency.com势弱、被吞并、消亡之后,宏盟集团旗下的TBWA一直都没有停止重新架构其互动营销服务。日前,他们正式推出了全新的代理厂牌- TBWADigital Arts Network (DAN) 。

  在2009年,随着Agency.com势弱、被吞并、消亡之后,宏盟集团旗下的TBWA一直都没有停止重新架构其互动营销服务。日前,他们正式推出了全新的代理厂牌- TBWADigital Arts Network (DAN) 。

  DAN将由TBWA现有的超过700位的互动营销人组成,并且将在18个重点市场率先推出:美国、加拿大、英国、中国、香港、台湾、澳大利亚、比利时、丹麦、芬兰、德国、法国、日本、墨西哥、新西兰、新加坡、南非、阿联酋。总部设在纽约,Charles Clapshaw担任总裁、David Lee担任全球执行创意总监。他们二人将直接向TBWA全球执行长Tom Carroll述职。

  依照宏盟集团的惯例,TBWADAN依旧不会成为一家独立于TBWA(传统创意)的互动营销公司,它依旧归属于TBWA。(这一直与WPP和阳狮集团有很大不同;前者拥有独立的Possible Worldwide、AKQA(新近并购);而后者则拥有Digitas、Razorfish等)

  按照TBWA自己的说法,他们采用这样的架构,是追随”Media Arts”的商业逻辑(或者说传播逻辑): 一切能够连接品牌和受众之间的便是媒介,而现在的接触点越来越多变成了digital。而已。


  “We made a conscious decision three years ago that we needed to build a strong, integrated digital proposition within the TBWA network, from the bottom up. Since then, we have been nurturing our digital talent throughout the network and building something unique. Digital is a huge part of our present and our future. We are confident that we have a robust, global digital footprint with the talent, the clients and the award wins to prove it,” said TBWA Worldwide, President & CEO, Tom Carroll.

  The unique differentiator of TBWADAN is that clients get the best of local and global talent, best-of-breed specialists, resources and IP through one local entry point.

  Within the network, there are eight specialist labs that will retain their current identity and serve as centers of excellence in each area of competency. The labs are complementary to the network and will serve to add or bolster capabilities to local offices, when needed.

  Carroll continued, “Increasingly, our global clients are asking us about our global digital capabilities and it became clear that, while we clearly had some great talent and skill sets out there, it was hidden behind a network of different brands from region to region and office to office. As a network that prides itself on collaboration, it made sense to organize our digital properties into one cohesive network and benefit from having strength in numbers and shared competencies.”

  Additional existing digital properties and departments within TBWA offices will be rebranded as part of the Digital Arts Network. Local TBWADAN operations will operate as part of the local TBWA office.

  “New York was a natural choice for the main hub of the Digital Arts Network. There is great energy and entrepreneurial spirit in the city around digital, an ever-increasing start-up community and a large presence with some of our biggest media partners, such as Google and Facebook. Even the city itself is investing heavily in digital. That is why we developed here and it made sense to make New York City the home for DAN too,” said Carroll.